Homeopathic treatment in Stockholm

In Stockholm you have the opportunity to appoint homeopath Björn Lundberg with over 30 years of experience in homeopathy.

During those years he has founded alternativemedicin.se, illnessfinder.com, remedyfinder.net and webhomeopath.com, which today has over 180,000 members.

Björn is an authorized and quality assured homeopath and has studied medicine at the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm. This background has made him a strong advocate for integrated medicine and its basic tenets.

The visit begins with a discussion with Björn Lundberg what is characteristic of your illness. Based on this, an appropriate treatment plan is then developed. The treatment is combined with homeopathy, supplements, dietary and ayurvedic consultation.

To achieve the best possible results, 2-3 visits are recommended.

The first visit takes about 60 minutes and costs SEK 800. Subsequent visits take about 30 minutes and cost SEK 500 and occur after six weeks. Homeopathic and diet supplements cost about SEK 400 per month.

Lundberg Selection has organization number 556448-2049

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